What is Personal Development Coaching?

You probably already read that I'm a lifestyle blogger and personal development coach. (If you haven't read my about me, go do it. I'm a fun person to meet!)

Now if the title of "personal development coach" has you puzzled, let me explain!

What personal development coaching is:

-it is coaching to help you learn, grow, and change in your personal life, to be the best version of you. Whether that means as an individual, a parent, a sibling, an employee, a partner or spouse. Whatever it is you want to improve or a goal you want to reach, we will work on it! It may be something you don't even know yet.

-it is support and encouragement.

-it is a friend. (me!)

-it is a community- others who have joined our movement of growth.

-it is helping you learn to let go out of guilt, shame, fear, and anger.

-it is evaluating yourself and your environment to see what you want to improve.

-it is confidential- I do not share your personal information. I value privacy and follow the ethical guideline of informed consent. Read my informed consent statement here.

-it will take work, but it will lead to change in the best way.

What personal development coaching is not:

-it is not therapy- I am not a licensed therapist (I am a clinical mental health counseling student), I cannot provide therapy or diagnosis. I highly support therapy and recommend anyone to see a therapist, so I will recommend you to a therapist if I feel that I am not able to serve you the way you need.

-it is not me telling you what to do- I am here to support you and help you develop the way you want, while I will challenge you to grow, it will never be about me or my personal beliefs. This is about your growth and change!

-it is not an immediate answer- change can take time and some problems don't always have solutions or at least not the solutions you want. I am not here to give you a magic equation because it doesn't exist.

-it is not to fix you- I don't get to define if you are broken or not, that's for you to decide. Everyone is worthy and beautiful and I will never say "let's fix you", because you don't need to be "fixed". I am here to help you learn and grow.

-it is not easy- it is hard to acknowledge our problems and weaknesses and it takes work to change them, but I will say, it is always worth it!

The greatest thing about personal development coaching is that you are the leader and you get to define your story and truth, with my support!

If you want to take the leap into personal development coaching, you can start now, for FREE!

I offer free consultations, in-person (while practicing social distancing) and over zoom. This gives you the opportunity to meet me, let me know what you want to work on, and to help iron out the legal stuff before you even have to spend a penny! It gives you the opportunity to decide, no strings attached, if personal development coaching is for you and if I'm your girl!

Fill out the contact form here if you're interested in learning more about the awesome journey of personal development coaching.


photo cred: pixistock

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