Buy the Fancy Soap, Use the Fancy Soap

Weird advice, right?

Let me explain.

When I was in my early years of undergraduate, my favorite professor told us a story about her mom and fancy soap.

See, her mother passed away when my professor was a young adult, during college I believe, and following her passing, they discovered a stash of fancy soaps and lotions that her mother had saved to use for special occasions and guests.

What is profound about that stash of body care is that her mother never had the chance to use any of it. She saved all these wonderful products and time slipped away.

And my professor, the comedian that she is, said anytime she buys, or is gifted, a fancy soap or lotion she just slathers it all over her body. She uses that shit up. Why? Because life is too short to not use the fancy soap.

So, friends.

Buy that fancy soap and use that fancy soap.

We're taught that special things can't be used for ordinary occasions. We're taught that it is impractical to purchase an $8 bar of handmade, artesian soap, when you can buy regular soap at the store for $2. We're guilted for treating ourselves, for allowing ourselves joy.

In the wise words of Donna and Tom, from Parks and Recreation, "Treat Yo' Self".

If using fancy, expensive soap brings you joy, use it! If it makes you happy to buy the expensive goat milk lotion, do it!

Treat Yo' Self!


photo cred: wix media

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